So excited to start blogging. I wanted to start with a warning. I can't spell. I'll try my best to catch it but the good Lord did not make me a speller. I am creative so let us focus on that! LOL! My expectations are out the roof when it comes to taking my kids photos. LOL! I'm sure all Mom photographers are. My new motto..."You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." They are my babies and I care not on how they turn out. At least I have the memories. See, I'm working on my attitude. Elizabeth wasn't having it and no matter how I tried I couldn't talk her into it. So as you can see, her face is in pout mode. Even though I was upset with her acting this way, Karson was absolutely adorable. He loves Santa, The Real Santa, so very much. Santa kept asking him what tree he was picking those crazy gift ideas out of since Karson was pondering with his head held high. I laughed and laughed. I love Santa of Shreveport's expressions. Best I've ever seen. He is gentle and sweet but pulls a few funny noises out when you need them for a good laugh. I'm thankful for the way these turned out. It's a moment in time that is frozen for me.

Kassie - December 18, 2019

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